The Sims 4 CC Finds: Nolan Sims Clovers Cozy Coat

The jackets and coats that are available in the vanilla game for The Sims 4 just aren’t giving me anything anymore. They’re either super boring or way too weird so when I found this Nolan Sims Clovers Cozy Coat I got really excited.

This jacket is fun because it’s so quirky but still looks beautiful and unique. I’m obsessed with the turtleneck look underneath with the ribbing because it looks so gorgeous on all sims.

This is the product image for the Nolan Sims Clovers Cozy Coat. This image has two sims posing in the coat in different colours. The one sim is wearing blue, they have red hair in pig tails and are wearing pink earmuffs. The other sim has their hair in locs and is wearing green with glasses.

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