All The Free Sims 4 CC You Need in Your Mods Folder

There is so much custom content out there for your to discover but sometimes you’ll find something you absolutely love and find out that it’s behind an early-access paywall for the next month, no good. These options for Free Sims 4 CC are going to blow your mind and fill up your mods folder with some gorgeous goodies.

You’ll find just about everything you could want from fun cc shoes to beautiful hairstyles that will have you smiling for days. Pick your favourites, make sure you download them and get to playing.

The Best FREE Sims 4 CC You Need

Ali Sims 4 Hairstyle

A sim they are wearing a blue strapless top with blonde hair. Their cc hair is in large curls with two braids coming down in the front.

Your sim’s hair is a big deal when we’re talking about custom content because it can make or break an outfit. You want them to be looking awesome no matter what and their hair will have a big impact on that.

The Ali Hair is a great option for something that can be worn by sims (especially teens) just about every day. This custom sims hairstyle would be pretty basic if it were just the curls, with a loose curl looking awesome but being nothing special.

The thing that really makes this one shine is the little strands of hair that are separated by small pony tails every few hairs to keep them fun and make this the best look for a teenager in the game.

Mila Free Sims CC Shirt

A character from The Sims 4 who has brown hair and is wearing a skirt. Their cc shirt is green with a bottom part in a corset and a pearl see through bra top over top of the shirt.

The best thing about people who make sims custom content is that they can make such interesting styles that we’d never think of. The people who make the real game are never going to create some of these items and we’d be worse off without them.

This Mila shirt is amazing because it has so much detail on it. There is a cool long sleeve sweater with two cool details on top.

On the bottom we have a small corset section that goes under the bust, and a cool pearl beaded bralette that you wear on top. How cool is this?

Hesper Pumps

Two sets of legs from Sims 4 characters that are wearing heels with large platforms in pink and black.

The high heels that we get in the game proper are often pretty boring and nothing to write home about. There are so many styles out there that are way better than anything EA could ever great.

These Hesper pups are changing that for me. The heel is shaped like a triangle to keep it fun instead of being round, and there is a piece that goes around the ankle to keep the shoe on and make it a more interesting style.

Plus, these shoes have a nice two-inch platform that add such great style and height to your sim’s looks!

After Midnight Sims 4 Top

Two sims with their heads cropped out wearing free sims 4 cc tops. The tops are long sleeve button downs with cropped patterned vests on top.

For some reason when I’m creating sims I always end up with some variation of a nerdy character who loves to read books and spends their time in a forrest alone. This shirt would be perfect for that kind of character.

This shirt is super fun and starts off with a long sleeve button up with some extra details. The sleeve son this have a small puff to them with a cinch at the wrist. The neckline has a rounded section with a frill that has a bow coming off the center.

Then, on top of this shirt has a cut cropped sweater vest with a cute v-neck. The patterns on this are great too with just about everything you could imagine.

Mimi Dress

Two characters from The Sims 4 who are standing in a room that is decorated for Christmas. They are wearing sparkly midi-length dresses in pink and green.

Your sim’s holiday parties are never going to be the same once you grab this dress. You’ll find that your sims are the stars of the show and are going to look better than everybody, Nancy Landgraab will be jealous and will hate you.

This dress is so gorgeous with a tank top strap with a straight across neckline. The dress goes almost to your sim’s ankles with beautiful sparkles in fun colours and there’s a trim at the bottom of fun fluffy feathers.

The colours of this one are great too with fun greens, oranges, pinks and reds. You’ll absolutely love this one!

Irina Kid’s Free Sims CC Outfit

A child from The Sims 4 wearing a long sleeve orange sweater with an overall dress on top.

We can’t just talk about adults when talking about the best Free Sims 4 CC because there is so much out there for children and toddlers. Your kids definitely deserve to have just as much custom content as the older sims, plus the content is mostly cuter anyway.

This outfit starts with a fun sweater that is pushed up at the elbow to show off your sim’s wrists. The sweater has a high rounded neck that will definitely keep your sims warm.

On top of this sweater is a really adorable dress with two straps with buckles and metal detailing on them. There are buttons going all the way down the center to the bottom which is another fun detail.

Numia Outfit

A character from The Sims 4 who has practically true-white skin, like a vampire. They have white hair too. They are wearing all black with boots, a hat and a dress.

Every person who plays The Sims 4 likes different kinds of custom content and wants different styles. Some players want all of the characters they create to look more gothic than preppy and this one would be great for those players.

This outfit is so interesting with it being centred around this black jacket that is so cool. We start with some interesting fringe shoulders that are straight across making your sims’ shoulders look super wide.

We have a cinched belt waist that makes your sims look snatched, and a gorgeous turtle neck sweater that can be worn with any types of necklaces.

Ashley Sims 4 CC Necklace

A character from The Sims 4 with their face cropped at the nose. They are wearing a black shirt and a layered necklace with a pearl choker, an empty metal necklace and a longer one with a small charm.

Accessories are the key to a good outfit and are going to upscale your sim’s looks for sure. You can add a ton of personality to your sim’s looks by adding fun necklaces, rings and bracelets.

Layering necklaces has been super popular lately too, and this necklace is so on trend and will look awesome on your sims. It’s fun because the necklace is mixed textures with a metal and a pearl piece.

We start with a pearl choker necklace at the top, then there’s a rounded metal necklace without a charm, and a longer necklace with an oval shaped metal charm. Such a fun look and comes in different metal colours too!

Eryka Dress

A toddler from The Sims 4 wearing a pleated cc skirt that is free. They are wearing a long sleeve sweater with it too.

Toddlers are my absolute favourite age group to shop for custom content for because 99.9% of the content that’s created is adorable and will make you so happy when you see it.

Toddler dresses are precious and this one makes me smile like crazy. We start the top with a long sleeve sweater that seems pretty basic at the start. It has a really adorable detail with a small mock neck top that has a small heart decal on it for extra cuteness.

This sweater is tucked into a pleated mid-thigh length skirt that looks awesome in a complimenting colour. You’ll love this one because depending on the custom shoes you choose you’ll be able to completely change the style of the look.

Amy Hair

A blonde sim with a short bob that has clips on the side of their head to hold the hair back.

Hairstyles are so important when you’re looking for awesome Free Sims 4 CC because it can completely change the way your sim’s look, of course. The perfect custom hair will totally add to your sims look and make you want to play with them more.

This hairstyle is such a fun twist on something so classic. We start with a simple bob hairstyle that is somewhere between the ears and shoulder length.

To add a bit of fun to this there are two metal hair clips keeping the one side of your sim’s hair pushed back to show off the ear, which is great if you add some custom earrings to the look.

This is a great hairstyle when you’re adding a really fun top and want your sim’s hair to not steal the show.

Carmen Free CC Earrings

A sim with black hair and red lipstick, they are wearing a pair of earrings with roses and hearts.

Adding earrings to your sim’s look is one of my favourite ways to really make them look fancier. Unfortunately, I don’t have my ears pierced but have always wished I did so I could wear things that are this cute.

My favourite kinds of earrings are always styles that are a stud with something dangling down from that. These earrings are just that with a gorgeous rose stud taking up the majority of your sim’s ear lobe.

Coming down from that gorgeous rose is an adorable crystal heart that has metal around the outside for added style. An absolutely perfect look!

Poena Sims 4 CC Hairstyle

A character from The Sims 4 who is wearing a green shirt, a choker, and has a free cc hairstyle. Their hair has bangs pushed to each side, face framing pieces and a high pony tail

It’s so much fun to shop for Free Sims 4 CC hairstyles because there are so many more details in custom content hairs than in any boring EA created ones. These creators really put a lot of thought into the ways they want the hair sto move and lay and it makes them look more realistic.

This one is super fun with a bunch of small details. We start at the front with a straight bang that’s pushed to either side of your sim’s head. There are face framing pieces on either side which look awesome.

Most of the hair is just down normally but a small section is pulled back into a pony tail at the top of the head.

There is even a different version of this one that doesn’t have bangs so you can truly customize it to make your sims look how you want.

Night Time Sweater

A sim standing in a room with floral wallpaper and an antique looking lamp. They are wearing a free cc outfit that is a long sleeve pink sweater and a pair of pink shorts.

If you’re wanting to go custom content shopping for some awesome lounge clothes for your sims to wear around the house or to bed, you’ll want this next sweater.

This sweater is really beautiful with a cinched wrist that leads to a puffy sleeve. There’s a rounded neck and the sweater is cropped perfectly under the bust.

The entire thing has a knitted style and just looks absolutely so comfortable, I’m jealous of a sim who gets to wear this.

Lace Crop Top

Two sims, one brunette and one blonde, wearing matching crop tops with lace detailing at the bottom.

The next item you absolutely want to add to your mods folder is this gorgeous lace crop top. Why do you need this? Well, look at all that detail!

This is an interesting style because the sleeves and neckline aren’t just straight across but have fun scalloped detailing that just brings this style to the next level for your game.

There is also such gorgeous lace detailing with florals and fun textures that are to die for.

Accessory Sims 4 CC Headphones

A sim who is wearing gold hoop earrings and has their blond hair in a claw clip. They are wearing a pair of sims 4 cc free headphones that are an accessory.

When you think of accessories for The Sims 4 you’re going to think of things like earrings and bracelets but headphones can be a fun accessory too.

These custom headphones are super fun and can be worn with almost every hairstyle out there. Just imagine a teenage sim who is wearing these while hanging out in a park.

These can really give off don’t talk to me energy, which is exactly what I’d want.

In Conclusion

These are some of my absolute favourite options for great Free Sims 4 CC that you’ll absolutely love to have in your sim’s mods folder. They are some of the best options out there that are beautiful and will have you loving playing in create a sim again.







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