The Sims 4 CC Finds: Clumsyalien Nyra Skirt

Since I live in Canada and it’s cold for half the year, I love making my sims wear skirts so I can act like its summer time all year round. This Clumsyalien Nyra Skirt is a gorgeous option that comes in some fun colours, but of course, the hot pink is the absolute best option.

I’m obsessed with the slim border around the edges because its in the same colour but a different tone and it always looks awesome. Plus, the belt just makes it feel even more realistic!

This is a product image for the Clumsyalien Nyra Skirt. This image has Nyra Skirt in beige text at the top and underneath is a sim from the waist to the toes. They are wearing a white tank top and white running shoes, with a layered pink skirt.

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