Jumping onto a website and digging into all the content is fun, but learning a bit about who created that content can help you connect even further. That’s why I wanted to let you get to know me through this about section!

What is Mods are Fun?

Mods are fun is a website that was created by me, Taylor O’Halloran, after years of working on Ultimate Sims Guides. I wanted a place to separate the content I love working on about custom content and try to have specific websites for specific types of players.

This website focuses on creating content regarding free custom content as well as all the best mods you can find for The Sims 4 specifically, but we will talk about every sims game that comes out in the future.

Who is Taylor O’Halloran?

Hey, I’m Taylor O’Halloran!

I’m the creative brain behind the entire Ultimate Sims Guides & Mods are Fun Empire. I’m also the author of the Unofficial Sims Cookbook which was released in 2022 and was the coolest thing I’ve ever done, and was a serious passion project for me.

I started playing The Sims in 2000 with The Sims 1. I will always remember my mom bringing home her work laptop and a large box containing a disc that would change my life. Back then I loved trapping my brother into a small 2×4 room and eventually making sure he ended up in military school so I could live a better life with just me and my mom in the game, it was simpler times.

I’ve continued to play the game for the last 20+ years because it has a special place in my heart.